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Here at GOLDSTACKS, we are helping you add something tangible in an over-digitalized world with monthly Gold and Silver deliveries to your doorstep that allows you to dollar cost average into Gold giving you control of a physical investment that can't be turned off.

Why Gold? Why us?

Golds value

Unmatched history as a store of value and protection of wealth since ancient times


Gold can't be turned off or taken with the click of a button, puts the power back into your hands, the physical world still matters

Dollar Cost Average (DCA)

While Gold and Silver have always gone up and its not always a perfect line up but by buying monthly versus one big purchase it allows you to capture the average with a more stable upside trend overtime.

No contracts

Here at GOLDSTACKS we have no monthly contract and you can cancel at anytime.

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Founded in 2021, our founder Austin created GOLDSTACKS as a small niche alternative for the younger generation and others to start building and adding something tangible to their investment repertoire to complement digital assets like stocks and bitcoin that share the same sound money principles and provide protection to one's wealth. That we believe is necessary as our purchasing power continues to erode yearly. It may seem odd, but it was Bitcoin that Austin found first studying its economic principles and characteristics, which led him to a more time-tested form of sound money in Gold and Silver that we believe should coexist and remain relevant in the digital age. There are many people, especially in the younger generation, like Austin, and that is the mission and purpose of GOLDSTACKS is to find and provide value to those people and introduce them to Gold and Silver.

The physical world still matters and serves a purpose in an over-digitalized world. There is nothing more exciting than receiving our monthly delivery and no better feeling than holding physical genuine Gold and Silver!




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